This game is full of new skills and adventures. If you want to learn driving car, how to keep car on the road, and in some cases drive car like pro, then this is exactly for you. Traffic Talent is online car driving game, where you need to have balance with speed and accurate. Here you see 3D streets and many vehicles, so, it is only up to you where you go and how fast you pick up your customer, who is waiting for you. But, be careful, because car can be crashed quite easily and you will lose because of this.



To play this game, you definitely need Unity player, it is very popular player, like Adobe Flash player. So, there is big chance that you already have installed it before. If you have no Unity player, than here is link to download it.





As Traffic talent is driving game, controllers are very important part for the gamers. So, I will explain which keys are most useful in the game and give you some important advices. First of all, you need to know how to drive the car.


  • To go straight press Up arrow key
  • To go right push Right arrow key
  • To go left use Left arrow key
  • For the brakes press Down arrow key


Now you know how to drive the car, but you need some extra buttons to use. For instance: You should use turn signals when you change the direction of your car. If you go left side and want to use left turn signal press Z key. If you want to use right turn signal, press X key. For changing view of the car on the road, you just should push C.


Gameplay and Design


It is something like driving lesson simulation game, where everything is quite fine quality and 3D visual gives you great impression how to drive. In this game, there are many traffic problems in the streets, some cars are driving too slowly, so, be careful, but at the same time, try to go fast to pick up your customer, who is waiting for you in the destination point. Watch out, there is map in the left corner of the game, which helps you to locate your customer and drive more easily. Believe me, the map is very helpful.


In some situations, there is heavy traffic on the streets, or fog all over the city. Also, you can meet some other problems, but as you are pro driver, lets drive like a superstar. Before you start playing the game, you can choose your customer, your car type and also, they stage you want to be. After these game loads and you have the new adventure. As for the car type, there are two choices. First is hatchback – Fiat Punto and the second is – Mclaren SLR. To have a better experience during playing the game, in the start, use hatchback, to learn driving and after some time, when you feel that you are good in driving, then change the car.


Please post your results and reviews of the game via this Facebook comment system. They will be very helpful for us. And of course Good Luck to you!