This is the page where you can play the most amazing survival game in the world. I want to introduce you the new version of the coolest and best game Earn to die. This is the freshly released version and it's called Earn to die 3. Released with so many new features and awesome updates.

The developers put lot of effort to improve every little detail in the previous game's engine. Because of that, they have made more realistic game. Earn to die 3 is about driving a sport car in the desert, which is full of zombies, so its fun and hard at the same time. Enjoy it here for free.

This awesome game is a mix of the two best genres in the flash gaming world. Designers have taken the best parts of the racing and survival genres and made one great game. That’s why, this game has so cool gameplay. There you can race against the zombies with sport cars and other awesome vehicles. Also, This game has very interesting storyline, which will definitely astonish you with its plot twists.

The main goal of every survival game is to fight against the dangerous enemy and survive, but this game's scenario is extraordinary and show you a whole different world. The main idea of the game is awesome, because unlike the other same category games, there you can escape with so cool vehicles and drive over the zombie heads. Your main character is a brave soldier, who needs to get into the new military base, but his helicopter is out of fuel and you need to find another

transport for your journey.

The controls in this game are with the Arrow keys.

You have to press the Up arrow key to accelerate

The Right and Left arrow keys are for the tilt

To use the boost, click the X or Cntrl.

This game has modern style gameplay and awesome engine, which gives you ability to enjoy with the game and all little details. At the beginning, you have a normal car with the few amount of gasoline in the tank. This is enough for you to cover a short distance, but your goal is to complete the whole road. So, your main mission in this game is to update your car as quickly as you can and give it a power to help you accomplish your goal and get in the safety zone.

Earn to die 3 has advanced features and new maps. Also, there you have new cars to buy and race with them. But, to buy a new and bigger vehicle, you need to complete a first road with the first car. To do so, you have a majestic garage, where you can find a really awesome equipment for your truck. So, you need to update your car with new engines, bigger wheels and for the fun part, you can put a big machine gun on it too.


This game is full of whole new features. There are whole different and advanced type of zombies for you to kill, like beasts and smart zombie generals, who has an ability to build a brick walls to stop you. Also, there are runner zombies, who are jumping on your car and slow you down. The developers made a new three level mode gameplay too, where you get a new awesome car, after you complete each level. So, play this cool game and enjoy with this stunning update. Good luck.