We are living in the modern world, where traffic on the roads is already our life's part and we need to avoid it as much as possible, because time is everything. So, 39Games creative developers have made a new game with so many awesome things and advanced features for you, to prepare you for some troubles, which is happening while traffic or some car accident on the wet road.

This cool game is called Traffic talent 2 and it is a new second version of the most famous and amazing driving simulator, where you have to be pro to win and establish peace in the city.

This game is a whole new opportunity to find a perfect way to deal with traffic when you need it most and also there is a missions, which helps you to learn how does traffic lights work and when is a perfect time to avoid a stop. This games developers has put a lot of effort to make everything as realistic as can be possible and they has developed perfect game to stimulate you to learn about safe driving rules and also give you pleasure and enjoyment at the same time.

More About Traffic Talent 2

Traffic talent 2 is a game, where you have to face the most problematic mission in the world. Your main task is to deal with the traffic in the city, where every driver is mad and angry, but this isn't everything. This game scenario takes place at the city, where the weather conditions are terrible and you need to manage situations on the road and also handle the broken cars meanwhile, but this game doesn't give you only hard time, it also shows you a perfect way to relax and train your brain at the same time, with so much amount of realistic and interesting situations.

This game has extraordinary missions and awesome plot twists for you. Because of that reason, this game's creators have made a whole new concept of the gameplay engine and that definitely give you comfort while playing. The main task in this game is the simple and hard at the same time. There are missions, where you have to deal with multiple tasks, like you need to control and adjust four or more traffic lights at the same time, when there is a rush hour and city streets is full of cars. Also, sometimes there are cars, which are moving with their rules and you don't have a control over them.

Your main mission is to don't make a car accidents and also regulate the flow of the cars while train are crossing the city centre. In my opinion, this is the easiest mission, because there are rounds, where you have to clear the street from cars before the given time is over and i want to warn you about that, this time is so short and you need to think fast and use a logic skills. Also, you have a helicopter, which helps you and assists you to get broken cars out the street. So, play hard and use a help, that gives you a chance to beat the high score. Good luck.

The Graphics in this game are made for only one purpose, to give you pleasure and the developers actually accomplish this mission very well. Every texture in this game are so realistic and you can literally see the fire, when the trucks are exploding and also every round is full of beautiful features, like there a rain motions and every map has an original background and there are so many different types of cars, so enjoy it.