Traffic Talent 2 is very different version from the first version. Maybe you waited for more 3d game with many features to drive the car and became popular driver, but it is not right there. Here you are working as traffic manager, who should regulate ways and traffic. There are too many cars in the street and this can be problem. So, Your mission is to look streets and clean them.

Traffic Command 3 is also name of this game. There are some older version of this game and you can see it in this flash file, but the third version is truly newest and modern. There are many ways to play this game, it is up to you which strategy will be yours.

To play this game, you need to click on cars, or on streets and so on. Just look the traffic and clean streets from cars.

There are many ways and streets, you will see trains as cars and big trucks, so, you need to work quickly and like pro to win this game. Good Luck!