There are a lot of games, about racing, drifting and street car tournaments, but if you don't want to get chased by cops or play in crazy temps, there is the perfect game for you. If you need experience to get a driver license or just experience for driving, Traffic talent 3 is a perfect solution for your situation.

Every racing game has something special, but what can be more cool and awesome, than a simulator game to driving in the city or in friendly neighborhood and drive slow in peace.

It helps you to learn how to control your emotions and don't rush in, when there is a red light or speed limit about 30 km/h and don't get caught by cops. This game teaches you a discipline and the rules of driving safety, because no one wants to crush their own car or damage a pedestrian in the street.

General Information

Everyone wants to have a car, which makes their life easier or comfortable, but a lot of people can't afford it to have a own car and in this case and you are the best solution for them. Traffic talent 3 is a flash-based browser game, where you are a driver and your duty is to get people on the one place to the other, but with safety. Safety in this game is most significant and most important, because if you crush your car, you lost a job and get in the jail. In this game, every rule is like in real life and even a walking people protects the rules.

Every day, you have a new client, who is parliamentary, journalist or just a some sports fan and they need to go places without harm and rush. That adventure takes place at street of beautiful city's or in the most awesome neighborhoods and cool streets, where everything is well-decorated and colorful. This game gives you opportunity to chill, spend time in peace and drive your favorite cars, even a most expensive one. It's like a driving school for you, where you will earn driving and rules of the city's streets, be a part of modern civilization and feel useful for people.

How To Play

Like a most driving or car simulator games, controls in this game are the most difficult part. You need to be patient and use them correctly, because if you don't, the game will crush in a second. So, to rush and going forward, you need to press Up arrow key, to go right push the Right arrow key and for left turn, use Left arrow key. But it's not all, for brake and stop, you need to press Down arrow key and most important controls are light signal controllers. For example, when you wanna turn left, you have to press Z and left light will be on and also, when you are turning right, you have to turn on your right light with Z. It's a first rule of this game. Also, as all drivers, you in this game need a good view to drive safety, so to changing a view of the game, you need to push C.p

Gameplay and Graphics

After a first Traffic talent, which already conquer all car lover gamers heart, the developers put a lot of work in the second one to staying in the top. Because of that, Traffic talent 3 is a new and have ultimate update, like new car designs and new maps. The colors are so beautiful and 3D view of this game is so realistic. Like a previous version, in this game, you have to drive a car with rules. City's rules are easy, but you need to be patient to perform them. The first rule is that, you have to stop at the red lights. Second demand requires for you to turn on signals when you are turning. If you don't do this, the cops will arrest you.